How we pop with purpose.

What is Popcorn with Purpose.

Popcorn with Purpose is a digital fundraising initiative started by Soul Popped Gourmet Popcorn. Our fundraising program allows 12 of our exclusive flavor offerings to be sold by schools, colleges and other nonprofits to support their important worthwhile causes.

What makes Popcorn with Purpose different?
We designed Popcorn with Purpose to be different from other fundraising programs because we understand that traditional ways to fundraise often require too much time and too many resources to be successful. Popcorn with Purpose alleviates these pain points by offering an online platform that allows fundraisers to post and share their requests for support instead of knocking on doors. We also eliminate the hassle of delivering product at the end of the fundraiser by offering FREE shipping direct to your funders. There are many more benefits to our fundraising platform that can be found here.

Why does PWP offer such low percentages of sales compared to other fundraisers?
Many competitors advertise a high percentage of proceeds as a way to entice fundraisers to choose them, but all too often those rates are simply impossible to achieve. In addition to being restricted to having to sell door-to-door and neighbor-to-neighbor, you have to do all the work associated with delivering product at the end of your fundraising drive. Popcorn with Purpose changes all that by providing a digital platform that allows our fundraisers to sell online from coast to coast without having to collect money or deliver product. We factor in our efforts when determining the percentage of sales you’ll receive and remind our participants that because they can sell online outside of their geographical boundaries, it is likely that they’ll see an increase in sales which should make up any difference in final proceeds received.

How do we use Popcorn with Purpose’s online platform to sell?
When you sign up with us to host your next fundraiser, you will receive a user ID and password to log in you into your dedicated fundraising portal on our site. Once you fill out the simple form and set your fundraising goals, it will automatically populate onto your page with a unique URL for you to begin sharing with your supporters. People who click that link will be directed to the product page where they’ll make their selection and pay online. That’s it! You’ll be able to track your sales in real time on your page and can easily share progress to keep people engaged. At the end of the fundraising cycle, you’ll receive a check for your proceeds and we’ll deliver the product directly to your buyers.

How long is a fundraising cycle?
A fundraising cycle usually runs for 30 days or less but may run longer depending on your desired fundraising goals.

Is there a way for us to sell face-to-face to supporters wishing to pay with cash?
Yes. While we encourage you to take advantage of the online dashboard option, we also provide a password-protected, downloadable order form that can be used to sell directly to customers who want to pay with cash. Orders must then be made by your fundraising representative to ensure fulfillment at the end of the fundraising cycle.

Do you offer customer service support?
Yes. We have a Funding Support Team available to assist you with setting up your campaign and to answer any questions or concerns you may have during your fundraiser. We have a Marketing Support Team to assist you with messaging to get people excited and engaged. Finally, we also have a Customer Support Team to answer questions and to address concerns from your supporters. We are available to assist Monday through Friday during regular business hours (CST).

What puts the “soul” in Soul Popped?
Soul food is synonymous with southern-style “Comfort food.” While it is known for being delicious, Soul food might be slightly better known for also containing lots of unhealthy ingredients. At Soul Popped, we believe that eating healthy should never feel like punishment. And blandness in any flavor is just …well, BORING. Our difference: We’ve found a way to use simple, clean ingredients to bring you great-tasting popcorn that’s both healthy AND still full of flavor.

What flavors do you offer to fundraisers and how large are the bags for sale?
We currently offer 12 unique flavors of all-natural gourmet popcorn. 2018-19 flavors include Austin Smoke BBQ, Banana Pudding, Big Momma’s Fried Chicken, Buttered Corn Off-the-Cobb, Chicken ‘N Waffles, Chocolate-Covered Strawberries, Heavenly Macaroni & Cheese, Red Velvet Cake, Sea Salt & Vinegar, Strawberry Cheesecake, Sweet Heat (Pineapple Jalapeno) and The Real Dill Sour Pickle. All product is sold in 1.1 lb bags (approximely 5.5 cups)

What ingredients are found in Soul Popped?
Soul Popped uses only non-GMO popcorn, organic coconut oil and all-natural, real-food ingredients to deliver a symphony of flavor in every kernel.  There are no artificial ingredients, flavors or preservatives in our products. We also are gluten-free, MSG-free and use no high fructose corn syrup. While we do not use any tree nuts in our facility, we still list Coconut as a tree nut oil out of an abundance of caution. Some of our products do contain dairy, so we encourage you to check the ingredient statement on your package before consuming.

Are your products gluten-free?
Yes. All popcorn is naturally gluten-free. In addition, we ensure all of our flavor ingredients are also allergen-free, to include wheat.

Are Soul Popped products produced in a facility that contain any allergens?
Soul Popped has its own dedicated production facility so we can ensure with confidence that none of the top allergens with the exception of dairy are processed there, to include wheat, soy, fish, shellfish, or eggs. Please check the ingredients list before consuming if you have concerns about dairy.

Are all of your products either vegan or vegetarian?
Yes. Soul Popped does not use any meat or animal byproducts to make our delicious popcorn. That includes our Big Momma’s Fried Chicken (Vegan), Chicken ‘N Waffles (vegetarian) and Austin Smoke BBQ (Vegan) because these flavors are made with herbs and spices, not meat-based products.

Is there a reason why Soul Popped’s packaging is so different from your competitors?
Soul Popped uses a foil-lined 5-millimeter-thick standup, zippered pouch instead of the traditional pillow pouch bag used by most of our competitors. This type of premium packaging allows us to maintain our commitment to deliver a chemical and preservative-free product to our customers.

How long with Soul Popped remain fresh after opening?
Soul Popped is delivered in a premium, window-less, stay-fresh standup zippered pouch that helps to preserve the freshness naturally without the use of chemicals. After the product is opened, it is important to push as much air as possible out of the bag before resealing to maintain freshness, which usually lasts a month or more, depending on the flavor.

Why does Soul Popped have powder in the bottom of the bag?
Because Soul Popped uses real-food ingredients to recreate the authentic flavors of Soul Food, our process requires us to create powdered blends to deliver flavor into the final product. During shipping, some of that powder may settle to the bottom of the bag. We do not use chemicals to make that powder stick so it is important to turn the zippered bag upside down and give it a good shake before you open and consume. This will ensure maximum flavor is redistributed to every kernel anytime you want to enjoy.

Can I reuse the powder in the bottom of the bag?
Yes! If you have any powder in the bag after you’ve eaten all of your popcorn, don’t throw it away! Sprinkle it instead on your vegetables, meats and even on other snacks to give them an extra boost of flavor.

Are Soul Popped’s ingredients organic?
We have not sought our organic certification yet, but we do source and use organic ingredients whenever possible. We also use no artificial ingredients.

How many carbohydrates are in your product?
All our popcorn products contain approximately 8 grams of carbohydrates per 1.5 cup servings.

How do you measure a cup of popcorn for your calorie counts?
Popcorn kernels are not uniform, so it is hard to precisely measure one cup. We use the same type of measuring cup found in most household kitchens. Our unflavored popcorn has about 50 calories. We start with that number and base our final calorie count on other ingredients used.